Spritual Buddha Gaya Tour - A Path of Holy Wisdom

01/29/2015 19:01

India is a holy land serving many diversified religions and cultures and is a home land to many legendry and wisest personalities ever born on this planet. It is a huge collection of temples, monasteries and other pilgrimage destination and is a leading place offering spiritual tourism experience. One of the most chanted pilgrimage destinations of north India is Bodh Gaya which is major spot for Buddhism followers and Buddha Gaya tour package. Here every year people from all religion travel from all around the world to achieve solace and experience the true essence of existence of Buddha. This renowned with deep holy sprits is situated at Bihar nearly 100kms from Patna, spotted at Falgu River, which is secretes of endless Buddhist and Hindu assets. This place is of great importance in the history of Buddhism as here Prince Siddharth Gautam attains his enlightenment to become a Buddha about 2500 years ago, under a fig tree now referred as bodhi tree and attains knowledge to attain wisdom. Hence this sacred place is of great importance which reveals many incidence of the life of Buddha. Other importance spots of bodh Gaya in relation to Buddhism are as follows:


This temple is the main pilgrimage of Buddhist and is the major tourist destination of bodh Gaya tour package. It is an old and unique sacred shrine temple falls under one of the heritage sites by UNESCO is known for its amazing architectural build and consists a huge 80 feet Buddha statue sitting on lotus flower in dhyan mudra for attainment of wisdom. This astonishing creation is the major tourist attraction offering an mesmerizing view of Buddha to its visitors traveling from every corner of the globe.


Another spot of religious significance in bodh Gaya is bodhi tree; this holy tree is of major importance in accordance with belief of Buddhist and its following. It is believed that Lord Buddha got his enghlitenment under this tree and also wisdom acknowledging truth of his life and deep knowledge. This spiritual tree is having a platform of fantastic stone called as vajrasana, where Buddha sat for meditation facing east.


Bodhi sarovar is a heavenly pond located to the west of Mahabodhi temple. This pond reflects the pure evidence here of Buddha’s presences. It is well said that under this holy pond Lord Buddha used to take bath every morning before sitting for meditation. It reflects the spirituality and mystic nature of Gaya where devotees perform many religious ceremonies and rituals.


Another remarkable aspect of Bodh Gaya is vishnupad temple which is not at all worth skipping; it is a religious pilgrimage spot built on the long foot step of lord Vishnu covered by silver basin which reflects splendid artistic creativity constructed by queen Ahiliya bai. Buddhism pilgrimage tours  package is a journey where one can truly experience the spirituality, peace and solace largely preserved in temples and practice centre of Buddhism showing the path of integrity and enlighment with the knowledge of truth of life.